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Another puzzle

Two prisoners are held in a dungeon. One night a mysterious visitor appears in their cell and offers them a chance to escape. It is only a chance because they … Continue reading

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Learning – What it really is, illustrated

Originally posted on Performance Management Company Blog:
I was reading an article about education and the thought struck me that I can illustrate and define learning a bit, at least…

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The puzzle

Imagine that four prisoners have been buried up to their necks in desert sand. Each man can see only what is in front of him, and the wall completely blocks … Continue reading

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How I integrate Content, Language, Cognition and Culture in a 1:1 classroom

A lot has been written about integrating teaching content in a 1:1 classroom. My aim here is to share my CLIL teaching practice in a 1:1 classroom Sources: Six Examples … Continue reading

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Why I use edmodo in my lessons

Planning a lesson with Edmodo helps me: give my learners an enriching writing experience; help my learners understand key concepts by reenacting them through role playing activities; provide my learners with opportunities … Continue reading

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