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Integrating Environmental Management, ELT and NICTs

Until the late 1990’s content area subjects were taught both in Spanish and in English at most of the English-Spanish bilingual schools in Argentina as if they were two monolingual schools with two separate curricula. Of late, the sanction of official resolutions has provided bilingual schools with the opportunity to integrate both curricula resulting in a more coherent bilingual education proposal (Banfi & Day, 2004). The challenge nowadays consists in engaging all content teachers, whether they deliver their lessons in English or in Spanish, to integrate content and language learning.

In an attempt to achieve full integration of content and language learning, our secondary section is piloting the implementation of CLIL methodology by introducing a four-month module delivered either by the History or the Environmental Management teachers which aims at integrating content, cognition and communication skills

This project aims at promoting new Environmental Management content learning, language learning and the development of lower-order and higher-order thinking by engaging the students in producing graphic organizers to display their interpretations and in delivering oral presentations, which aims at helping them articulate their own learning.


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